YOKO FURUSHO is a Japanese illustrator based in New York and Tokyo. At the age of 18, she decided to move to the United States to study at the School of Visual Arts (SVA) in New York in order to pursue her lifelong interest in art and further enhance and broaden her skills, knowledge and networks for her potential future as an artist/illustrator. Up to date after graduation from SVA, she has been working as a professional artist/illustrator and has been positively influencing and adding value to greater audience with her unique drawings.

Loving to draw details, textures and patterns with ink and acrylics, Furusho generates unique worlds with full of imaginary monsters, weird animals, and funny landscape. As an illustrator for various magazines and newspapers, she was selected as the winner of Art Directors Club YG7 and has been winning many other prestigious competitions. Some of her clients include Maybelline New York, KEDS collective, and Glamour magazine.

While her works largely attract children and young women, the uniqueness of her drawings which prompt curiosity and interest enables her to have a variety of audience regardless of demographics (i.e., gender, age, nationality) and/or psychographics. In fact, she has been successfully increasing presence and awareness of herself as an illustrator, and has been expanding fans globally throughout her career by participating in numbers of influential shows and events worldwide.
Amazon, Astrostyle, Billa-Bong, Christie’s Auction House, Djeco, ELLE girl magazine, Gakken Educational Publishing, Harbour City Estate Limited, Harper Collins, H.P.France, Inc., KEDS collective, KOSE, NHKWorld, Maybelline New York, Rosetta Stone, Time Out New York, The McKinsey&Company

{ BOOK }
“Hitori De Bocchi”(2019) 
"The Other Side of My World Up Side Down"(2013)
"the beautiful"(2010)
"Illusive 3"(2009)
"Over and Over"(2008)

- 57th Annual of Society of Illustrators
- The Winner of "Young Guns 7" at New York Art Directors Club
- 3×3 professional show
- American Illustration 28 (ai28)
- American Illustration 27 (ai27)
- American Illustration 26 (ai26)
- 51st annual of Society of Illustrators
- West 47 of Society of Illustrators in Los Angeles
- The THIRD place of popular vote in Altpick Award
- Images 33 (England)

NUTCRACKER display in Tokyo, Japan
YOKO FURUSHO exhibition in Hankyu Osaka, Japan
- "75th Anniversary of Batman" Exhibition in Asia
- "Momstrology" Exhibition in Seattle
- "Little Christmas Story" at Tokyu Department Store in Shibuya, Tokyo
- Pick Me Up Art Fair in London
- "75 Peters" at SPACE gallery in Brisbane, Australia
- Window display "Sweet Dreams" at IKIRU shop in Barcelona
- Group show "I Love Japan More Than Ever" in graphite. Gallery in Brooklyn
- Group show "Renew" in Compound Gallery in Portand
- Window display at Drex Fable Shops in Hong Kong
- Solo show "From My World to Yours" in Hong Kong
- Event "Your Summer Star with Astorstyle" in New York
- Solo show ‘FICTIONAL’ at destination New York
- Group show "Delineations" at Adhoc gallery in Brooklyn
- Group show at Kaleid gallery in San Jose
- Group show "welcome to Alcove" at Adhoc gallery in Brooklyn
- Group show at NYcoo gallery
- Solo show "exhale" at destination ny, New York
- $99 ART FAIR at destination ny, New York
- "location as a character" show at SVA gallery, New York
- "a continuance of the story" solo show at LE DECO gallery, Tokyo
- $99 ART FAIR at destination ny, New York
- "rooom" group show at Daikanyama Upstairs Gallery, Tokyo